Newspaper Web Offset Press Services
Inland can provide complete "turnkey" services for single width offset presses. Specializing in Goss, Harris, DGM, Tensor and Web Press, we provide engineering services and project management for these turnkey projects.
Press Removal
Inland carefully disassembles the complete web offset press into transportable components. We also can provide the necessary rigging equipment to dismantle the presses and all materials for boxing and preparing miscellaneous parts for secure shipment. The press components are then loaded on board truck(s) or containerized as required.
Press Transportation
Inland provides transportation via reliable specialized truck line or ocean transportation for overseas shipment. We prepare all necessary documentation and provide insurance coverage. All arrangements are made by Inland to ensure expenses are kept to an absolute minimum.
Engineering - Press Reconfiguration
Perhaps adding to or reconfiguring your press providing better flexibility for color and paging is your objective. Units can be added, converted to stacked position, folders relocated and/or added, clutch assemblies provided, new or rebuilt press drives and other such enhancements. 
Press Installations
Inland will unload the press components and set in place in the customer's facility. The entire press is then professionally aligned, leveled and trammed to assure proper operation. All readings are recorded and placed on file for future reference.
Press Upgrades
Inland can provide upgrades to older equipment such as running color registration controls, new or reconditioned press drives with more horsepower, brush or spray bar dampening, motorized compensators, lever ink fountains, pneumatics and other such enhancements. These upgrades reduce waste, improve quality, shorten the print window and reduce labor requirements.
Insurance Coverage
It is very important to note Inland maintains comprehensive insurance covering personnel, property damage and liability. This policy not only covers Inland but, more importantly, the customer as well.
Press and Production Consultation
With our experienced personnel, Inland is able to provide assistance in planning a pressroom best suited for workflow that will properly accommodate the press as it will be and for future expansion. We can also assist with press layouts, recommend press brands, features and services best suited to accomplish your goals now and in the future.
Press Appraisal Service
Inland has over 40 years experience buying, selling and brokering hundreds of newspaper presses. Therefore, we can accurately evaluate presses and related equipment for acquisition, estate or property tax, insurance or transfer of ownership purposes. All evaluations are documented and compared with recent "like" press sales.

Newspaper Press Property Tax Valuation - Tax Savings

Inland has partnered with Morrison & Head LP to provide a comprehensive assessment review for substantial property tax reductions on presses and related equipment.  Follow this link for more information.